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Birth sets the stage for Life. Giving birth is one of the milestone events in a woman’s life, and the kind of birth a woman has leaves an imprint on her soul. It also leaves an indelible impression on the baby.   A positive birth experience, bonding and breastfeeding provide the best foundation for healthy child development.
As a midwife and a mother I believe deeply in the normalcy of birth, trusting the innate wisdom of women to move through this process in a way that serves them.  I pride myself on my ability to connect with a variety of people. I offer safe, attentive care, while remaining sensitive to each family’s individual needs, cultural values and religious beliefs. 
Each and every baby comes through as pure love, with unlimited potential and endless possibility.  Babies are created in love - not fear,  and they deserve the opportunity to be born in love -  not fear. I believe birthing at home, in one’s own familiar environment, offers such an opportunity – of lessening birth trauma, of a gentler transition for baby, and of creating an opening for enormous personal growth and transformation for each family member.  It is a privilege and an honor to facilitate a gentle, peaceful, warm welcome for babies.
In the words of Elizabeth Noble: “I believe that when real change occurs in how babies are brought into the world, and in the consciousness with which they are received, the levels of addiction, violence and crime in society will be reduced. It’s a matter of starting at the very beginning.”
It is my goal to support, educate and empower women and their families to experience pregnancy, childbirth and parenting with confidence, dignity and joy.