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Labor Doula Service

The word “Doula” originated with the ancient Greeks, and now refers to a woman experienced in childbirth, who understands the physiology and emotional needs of women in labor.  She provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the mother before, during and just after the birth.  She recognizes birth as a key life experience that the mother will always remember.

I do not make decisions for birthing women. I educate, offer comfort measures, act as a liaison between the family and their clinical care givers, and assist women and their partners to prepare for and carry out their plans for their individual birth experience.   The nurturing support I offer helps each mom open fully to the innate wisdom and magic within her.  The mom then feels empowered to make informed decisions  for herself and her family.

Studies show that Doula support can have the following profound influences on the birth experience:

* 25% decrease in length of labors
* 50% decrease in Cesarean Sections
* 40-60% decrease in use of Pitocin and Epidurals
* fewer incidents of Postpartum Depression
* greater breastfeeding success

What about Partners?  A Doula in no way “replaces” the mom’s loving partner at the birth!  Rather, I facilitate the partner’s contribution to the mom.  I can teach them how to best offer physical comfort measures, answer their questions about what “normal” labor looks like, and remind them to eat and rest, and take care of themselves.  I firmly believe having the help of a Doula enhances the partner’s experience by taking off some of the “pressure” to do all and be all for the mom.  It allows the partner the freedom to be fully emotionally present at the birth of their child.

Wherever a woman chooses to birth – home, hospital or birth center –  a Doula will support, comfort and empower her through one of the most challenging and transformative experiences of her life.  The whole family benefits from this important support as they each adjust to the new  family structure.