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Free Consultation Visit

One of the most important things you can do for yourself when you are having a baby is to choose the right Care Provider for you. It is so important that it be a comfortable relationship, based on mutual trust and respect.
We will spend an hour getting to know each other.  I will answer your questions and explain my services to give you the information you will need to determine if we are the right fit for each other.

Prenatal Care

Prenatal visits are typically 1 hour long.  At each visit, we will listen to your baby’s heartbeat, palpate for baby’s position, measure your tummy, as well as checking your vital signs and urine.  You will be offered suggestions about nutrition, exercise and healthy lifestyle choices. You will be given complete information about recommended tests or procedures, to ensure that while a midwife sets parameters of safety, it is you, the birthing woman, who, through the process of informed consent, makes the decisions regarding the care of you and your baby.  I have an extensive lending library of books and videos,  and a network of wonderful health care specialists for referral, if needed.  We will engage in meaningful discussions regarding your questions and concerns, so that we may forge a bond of mutual trust and respect.  Your initial visit will include a complete physical exam with bloodwork, medical history, and self-care orientation. Siblings and other family members are always welcome at your visits to ask questions and share this special time with you.
During your pregnancy, I will see you every 4 weeks until 28 weeks, every 2 weeks until 36 weeks, and weekly until your delivery.  A home visit is scheduled at 36 weeks.  This is always a fun visit where not only do I acquaint myself with your home and make sure all the birth supplies are organized, but we have the opportunity to discuss your vision for the birth in your own birthing space.

I am available 24/7 by phone in case of an emergency or labor.  For less urgent matters, feel free to email your questions and I will answer back within 24 hours.


When your body and your baby have signaled that it is time to begin the labor process, we will communicate via phone.  I will come to your home when you are in active labor.
I will stay with you throughout your labor.  Some women prefer lots of verbal encouragement and physical support, while others would prefer more privacy during labor. I can be holding your hand through contractions, or I will monitor you and the baby with as little interruption as possible, and remain quietly present in a corner of the room (or in another room).
When the time comes, it is entirely up to you if you would like to receive your baby yourself, or if your partner would like to “catch”, I can facilitate this also.
I will stay with you for a few hours after the birth to do the following:

  • Facilitate breastfeeding
  • Do a thorough Newborn Exam
  • Ensure Mom and Baby are both stable and comfortable
  • Make sure Mom gets up to urinate and rinse off (if she desires)
  • Mom needs to be fed something yummy
  • Birth space is tidy

In short, you will be given personalized care with respect for how your body does labor, without unreasonable time or positioning restrictions being placed on you.


Most laboring women find immersing themselves in deep, warm water to be wonderfully relaxing.  Studies show that deep immersion stimulates the release of Oxytocin as well as Endorphins (the body’s own pain relief system). There is an “inner peace” described by women once they get in the tub which is evident by the smile on their faces!

Moms enjoy the increased mobility they have in the tub.  They are free to follow their body’s lead in being upright, and changing positions.  If the Birth Tub is big enough, many women enjoy the added coziness of having their partner join them in the water.

Whether or not you plan to deliver in the water, I highly recommend utilizing the calming comfort the water offers during labor.  I have Birth Tubs available for rent.  You can choose between the AquaDoula style (with a heater to maintain water temperature) or the soft-sided comfort of the Birth Tub in a Box, or choose to get a tub on your own.


One of the wonderful aspects of homebirth is that it allows the family unit to remain intact.  There is no reason for Mom and Baby to leave the quiet comfort of their home for the first few days.  I will be back at 24-36 hours to do a full assessment of both of you, help with breastfeeding, answer any newborn care questions, do a Metabolic Disorder Screening (if desired), and file the Birth Certificate.  We maintain daily phone contact for the first week and I come back around 1 week for a follow up visit. We schedule a 6 week postpartum visit in my office for a physical exam (including a Pap if you are due), to review the birth, discuss family planning, and it gives me another chance to hug your baby!