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Childbirth Preparation Classes
“Celebrate the Art of Birth”

Celebrate (ˈse-lə-ˌbrāt)
1. To perform a ritual etc.
2. to commemorate with festivity
3. To have a good time

Art (ˈärt, ərt)
1. Human creativity
 2. Skill
3.making of things that have form or beauty

Birth (ˈbərth)
1. The act of bringing forth offspring
2. The beginning of anything
3. To create

  • Are open to any and all women and couples, including non-pregnant couples seeking information and support regarding pregnancy & birth
  • They are held in a private, informal, non-judgmental atmosphere
  • Are an explanation of the physical, psychological, sexual and emotional aspects of pregnancy, labor and early parenting
  • Will provide you with the tools to cope with labor and birth
  • The series of 5 classes is based on the philosophy that no one “method” of childbirth will be right for everyone.  The ancient knowledge of how to give birth lies within every woman

You Will Receive…

  • A Parents’ Information folder
  • Access to lending library of books and videos relating to pregnancy & birth
  • Numerous visual aids to assist you in understanding the birth process
  • Support throughout your pregnancy & postpartum

Topics Covered

  • Choices in Childbirth – a new awareness in Birth
  • Attunement with Pregnancy – nutrition, exercise, prenatal care options
  • Understanding the Birth Process – anatomy & physiology, values clarification, emotional aspects of labor and birth
  • Creating your Own Birth Experience – working with the Birthing Energy, relaxation, centering in the breath, comfort measures & positions
  • Variations of Normal and Cesarean prevention
  • Giving Birth to a new Family – welcoming the Newborn, breastfeeding, postpartum care

And Just for Fun!

We have a Pot-Luck Dinner Party with New Parents from the previous series returning to share their birth stories and tips!  We nourish each other with great food, new-found wisdom,
And lots of laughter!