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When I gave birth to my 1st son in 1989, I had no idea that the simple act of having a child would awaken a passion so strong within me, that it would change the way I move through life.  Something shifted within me at a visceral level when I became a mother.  After hearing all of the “horror stories” about how painful labor was, I approached it assuming that it would be hard and painful, but being a strong, healthy young woman, I figured I would be able to endure anything this new life required of me.  I could not have been more pleasantly surprised!  My labor was very hard work, but I absolutely  enjoyed the physical challenge of it.  I was exhilarated by the powerful energy moving through me , and was amazed at the orgasmic quality of pushing him out. (yes…I described it then as feeling like having an orgasm from the inside out).
I had not met anyone thus far in my life to share, or even understand my experience of childbirth. I figured it was “beginner’s luck”. My 2nd son came quicker, but again, the labor was an amazing ecstatic experience.  Both of these babies were born completely naturally, with Midwives, in a hospital setting.
It was then I decided to support other women on their journeys.  I became certified as both a Holistic Childbirth Educator and Labor Doula in 1996 through ALACE (Association of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators).  I attended births in hospitals, birthing centers and home settings as a doula, and a Midwife’s assistant for many years, always with the idea of becoming a Midwife tickling my brain.
It was after the home waterbirth of my 3rd son, with his big brothers there to welcome him, when I knew “I am  a Midwife in my heart – I just need to get a proper education to make it official”.  But always being a mother first, I waited until he was in Kindergarten to attend Midwifery school.
I graduated from National College of Midwifery, then took the national certification exam through the North American Registry of Midwives.  I earned the title of CPM-Certified Professional Midwife, and a License from the state of New Jersey to practice Midwifery in a Home setting. Keeping my knowledge and skills current is important to me, and I take part in Midwifery conferences and skills workshops for Continuing Education credits as often as I can.
I gave birth to myself as a mother through my 3 babies – Joseph, Milan and Max – and it is with their continued patience, love and support, that I am a Midwife.